Westlake Hills


The original home built in 1957 has undergone a two phase reconstruction beginning in 2001 with the addition of a physically separate bedroom wing connected by an enclosed glass bridge.  The bridge was designed to be replaced with a future second phase insertion of a living space core.  During the initial remodel phase, Franke : Franke reconditioned or replaced all interior and exterior materials after performing a 'to-the-bones' replacement of all mechanical and electrical systems.  Based on the two-phase master plan, the initial design focused on changing circulation patterns within the original residence, adding a temporary dining room space to provide for interim large gatherings of family and friends, and experimentation with materials including custom copper shingles, tongue and groove wood siding of various species for select exterior walls, and construction of a series of board formed concrete retaining walls to create what would become a carefully framed primary approach and entry to the future phase of the residence.  Maintaining the somewhat peculiar original oblique wall layout surrounding an open central patio space, and re-purposing a garage and separate small guest bedroom from the original structure, the finished first phase of the project placed great emphasis on spatial efficiencies, use of modest materials for casework and cabinetry, and in general, applying design thinking to arrive at solutions and a uniquely modern version of mid-century modernism that was anticipatory of the future phase two completion which would complete a master plan vision to fully transform the original structure.