What Drives Us


Our work is a process of discovery, creativity, and precise delivery of ideas.  In our studio, that process is a way of design thinking that is inspired by the potential we find in the unique qualities of a particular site and its location, building materials, and construction technologies and methods. 

Our design process is further informed by our Client’s motivations and goals to build something of personal importance and value. 

Regardless of the scale or type of project, the design thinking of the FRANKE : FRANKE team—both in our work process and in the end result—consistently aims to elicit a profound satisfaction from our Clients, and from others who experience the spaces and places that we create.      

As our design work progresses, the drawing, sketching, writing, physical and digital modeling, and other methods of project representation create evolutionary iterations, each one building on the others, to result in a refined, cohesive, and comprehensively envisioned project. 

 Our design intent for each project is communicated by FRANKE : FRANKE through a robust dialogue with our Clients, who are invited to be involved in the design thinking and creative process practiced by our firm.  We purposefully spend a great deal of time with our Clients and stakeholders during the creative process in order to fully communicate our ideas that evolve to form the project parti, or primary diagram around which each work is then fully developed and refined. 

 Although there are “Eureka moments” in every designer’s work, and we embrace those moments when they occur, our experience leads us believe that timeless design is best found through open dialogue with our Clients, coupled with our proven, iterative design process that is the genesis of our studio work. 

This Client communication, and partner-level involvement at every step in the creative process of a project, enable us to deliver thoughtful and artful design, and precisely constructed works that can only come from passion, care, commitment, and design sensibilities derived from our 50 years of collective experience.