Planned as a two phase project, the first phase was focused on remodeling a well-built, but long neglected 1,600 square foot home constructed in 1957 above the old road bed of Ledgeway Street in Westlake Hills, Texas.  A careful evaluation of the existing structure led to the decision that mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems would be replaced, some interior casework and the existing kitchen interior would be redesigned, and a new “temporary” dining room, and bedroom wing would be constructed in a manner that would allow a second phase, more extensive renovation and new construction to occur at a later date.  Interior and exterior finish materials were considered based on their potential to be recycled or reused in the future when the second more extensive project would be constructed.  Great care was taken by F:F as the Design+Builder to construct the project so that the design intent would be met in its entirety, providing the client with a high quality first phase that would function as a family friendly home.  A secondary, but extremely important consideration for F:F as the Design+Builder was to properly set up the phase one work to allow for phase two to be carried out with minimal difficulty on a site that presented topographically challenging terrain to maneuver equipment and stage materials, and allowed very limited access that could not be easily overcome.  Phase one completion included a full remodel of interior and exterior of the existing structure, and the addition of temporary space for dining, and permanent new construction of a bedroom wing and study for the family of five.