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Working directly with city officials and with residents through public meetings, resident surveys, and open design charrettes, Franke : Franke prepared the Downtown Urban Design and Landscape Master Plan and Guidelines for the City of Kirkwood, Missouri.   The new City plan includes all current commercial land uses within the City of Kirkwood, as well as the primary residential street entries into the study area. 

The project provides the City with a master plan through which all qualitative conditions of proposed private development plans will be considered including land use, architecture, landscape architecture and site plans.  The plan establishes a strategy for the downtown area that will lead to a high-quality pedestrian oriented commercial core created by the development of a pedestrian/ bikeway system that interconnects individual commercial parcels throughout the entire city.  A strong physical identity for the district will be established through future development that will be implemented incrementally by the City and private developers, and guided by comprehensive landscape and architecture design standards adopted by the City.