Sinquefield Farm


The landscape master plan for the Sinquefield Farm, a private estate and conference center located on the Osage River in Central Missouri, references a range of design precedents and concepts to create a tapestry of landscape elements that are discovered as one wanders about the 300-acre site.  The plan establishes a native palette of plant species as the framework for roads, trails and pathways, a series of river vantage points, and the main residence which is perched on a bluff with overviews of the river bottom and floodplain agricultural fields below.  Within the river bottom, an “American parterre” garden is designed using a combination of agricultural crop and wetland plant species.  Franke : Franke located and designed the graceful road leading from the main entry with a series of landscape conditions including an oak entry bosque, a color-striated hedge “gateway” to the forest, and a vine-covered boulder point-grid that mysteriously emerges from the deep woodlands and extends across the road as it moves through the forest.  The road passes at the edge of a new apple orchard and provides framed views to the river bottom below as it leads to the main residence entry.  The residence gardens are designed to reestablish the presence of native species selected to envelope the house in a choreographed and exaggerated order of seasonal change.