Parker Hill


Located within a dense urban environment near the Washington University Medical Center and School, this new development is designed to include approximately 7,700 square feet of Neighborhood Commercial and Residential uses.  The new building maintains a strong urban street edge compatible with the scale of its surrounds, while also forming a richly landscaped south facing interior courtyard.  Along Edwards Street, four ground-floor fully accessible residential units have been designed by F:F to meet the scale of the adjacent small bungalows that create much of the historic fabric of the community.  Each is designed to allow abundant diffused natural light into these modest units through the manipulation of the roof and the introduction of clerestory glazing.  The portion of the building fronting Shaw Boulevard is designed as a two-story structure of mixed commercial and residential uses, allowing for maximum flexibility for combinations of commercial retail uses at the street level and a mix of commercial or residential uses on the second floor.  Materially, F:F created a  comfortable fit for the new urban building by using a combination of metal roof, brick masonry skin, and clerestory windows to reflect many elements found within the diverse building types and mix of uses in the immediate area .  The corner of the street is marked by large “lantern” windows that animate the important intersection with light, shadow, and movement.  On-site parking is located to the rear via a driveway at the edge of the property, and pedestrian access to the interior courtyard from the street is made through a passageway cut through the ground floor of the commercial building, allowing for a separation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.