McMillon Plaza


Situated at a main entry to the Washington University Medical School Campus, McMillan Plaza was initiated as a project to provide universally accessible entry into several buildings fronting the plaza, and a repeatable model for ADA access across the entire Campus.  At the request of the Client, the scope of the project was expanded to include the making of this public space as a point of common use, visual identity, and expression of institutional quality.  The project is organized on a diagonal to the standard grid of the campus, reflecting both desirable site line and paths of movement through the space observed during the pre-design phase of the project.  The space seen from the surrounding buildings appears as a series of colorful ovals that are drifting as a constellation across the open plaza.  Towering groves of Golden Groove Bamboo form two of the drifting forms, with light-emitting perforated steel seating pieces, a fog fountain, and perennial color plantings forming the remaining smaller ovals.